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Helpful information on the association of Lloydminster

The REALTORS® Association of Lloydminster & District was incorporated in 1978 and has been growing steadily over the years. With an area that covers both Alberta and Saskatchewan, as Canada's Only Border City, the REALTORS® Association of Lloydminster & District has offices in both Provinces within Lloydminster City, as well as offices in the surrounding communities of Wainwright and Vermilion and numerous other smaller communities.

A little interesting history on the City of Lloydminster is that it was settled in 1903 with the arrival of the Barr Colonists and the hamlet of Lloydminster straddled the the 4th Meridian and in 1905 when the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan were created the Village of Lloydminster was split in two. In 1906 the Alberta portion was incorporated as a Village and in 1907 the Saskatchewan portion was incorporated as a Town but it wasn't until 1930 that the two communities were amalgamated and in 1958 became a City.

Straddling two Provinces it is definitely a unique situation in that the members within the City of Lloydminster are licensed in both the Provinces of Albert and Saskatchewan as well are being members of the Canadian Real Estate Association, Alberta Real Estate Association and the Association of Saskatchewan REALTORS®.

As a REALTOR® in Lloydminster you deal with situations from both sides of the border on a daily basis – which definitely makes for a very interesting real estate career and for over 30 years our members have continued to subscribe to a high standard of professional conduct and code of ethics.